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What makes Healthy Tea Room different?

Completely original blends

Clean ingredients – nothing artificial – Ever!

All blends designed by a PhD in Nutrition

The Vibrancy of Nature in Every Cup

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*  If you don’t love your tea, we will help you find something you do love or we will refund your money. It’s just that simple!

Here's what our customers are saying:
Emma Maxwell
"Wow! Amazing teas. I’ve enjoyed every blend I’ve tried, however the Turmeric is my absolute favorite. Incredibly fragrant, flavorful, and beautiful. Makes the most perfect “latte” with a bit of steam half and half and honey. Divine! Super customer service and quick shipping."
Stephanie Brua
"I recently received the tea sampler, and I'm greatly enjoying every single one! Just placed my first regular order, and I'm (patiently) waiting like a kid on Christmas morning. Thank you!"
Marna White
"This is the only company whose detox tea not only healthy, but actually enjoyable during drinking. Can't say the same about other stuff I've tried. All of the teas are full of flavor and goodness!"
Vera Leus
"Great delicious healthy teas. Lots of antioxidants, great variety, they look great, with whole flowers inside that expand in your cup."
Lena Revenko
"What I like the most about Healthy Tearoom teas, that my kids also started to drink tea with me. We have a big box with many different tastes, so they already tried them all, and each one (of course) loves a different flavor. Two absolute leaders in our family are - black tea with peach (my kids call it the pink tea) and detox, that smells like summer."
Anoush Bog
"As a fruit lover, i'm always on a look out for a tea that tastes as well as it smells, especially with fruity flavors. These teas hit the spot. I also enjoy the personalized customer service when I have hard time choosing between flavors. it also feels good to support a family business. If you're into microblends gourmet teas, this is the place for you. Love it."
Ester Pinkhasov
"Beautiful, wide variety of carefully selected teas. Delicious mixes, and all prepared with thoughtfulness and love! Only using high quality ingredients, which is very important to me!"

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