Healthy Tearoom: Tea Is The Foundation of a Healthy Lifestyle.

A message from Anastasia Halldin Ph.D., our founder:

When I was a child, I gathered herbs with my grandmother every summer. We searched for the freshest raspberry leaves, wild red rosehip berries, and the fragrant black currant leaves.

 In Europe, where I grew up, there is a thousand-year old tradition of using herbal teas for health and healing. When you were sick, your Mom made you a cup of sweet linden flower tea. In the winter, you drank the vitamin-rich sea buckthorn tea, while in the summer you enjoyed a cup of sweet smelling black currant tea. Ivan or chamomile tea was had virtually every night, and a cup of black tea was something to look forward to every morning.

 Nothing was done without a cup of tea.

We talked over a cup of tea, we cried together with a cup of tea in our hands, we celebrated with a  cup of tea on the table next to the birthday cake. If a friend came over, that friend was always offered a cup of tea, because tea was a foundation of life and healthy relationships where I grew up.

When I came to the Unites States 22 years ago, I could not find the special healing European teas and the exotic herbs I got so accustomed to in Europe, so I knew I had to mix them myself. Now as a Ph.D. in nutrition, I noted these unique herbs’ remarkable health benefits. Inspired by my  love and study of nutrition and health, I started making these unique tea blends for my family and friends.

My teas gained in popularity rapidly. 

So, I decided to create Healthy Tearoom to feature a line of teas, using the healing herbs from my European childhood. I wanted my carefully crafted tea blends to promote youth and longevity, while reducing stress and eliminating illness. And I wanted them to taste exquisite! I wanted to combine what I had learned in the woods in Europe as a little girl with the cutting edge nutritional research I studied as a grown up. I wanted to help people reap the benefits of exotic, high quality ingredients in a convenient format — a humble cup of highest quality tea. I created Healthy Tearoom to offer health-enhancing teas made of unique, European, prime, organic ingredients, which are mixed with a lot of love.

Studies have shown tea to be the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Drinking tea has been linked to better brain function, better heart health, reduced cholesterol, decreased stress levels, and most importantly, to longer life.

Drinking tea often brings up the feelings of comfort, of warmth, of home, of being surrounded by friends, and of being loved. Healthy Tearoom’s teas bring you to the world of nature’s wonderful scents and intoxicatingly lush tastes in every delicious cup.
We are a family business, based in Asheville, NC. As I design the tea blends, my husband is responsible for the administrative side, and my five children help with whatever they can. We love God, we love nature, we love sunshine, and we try to pour it all into our tea.”