Best Teas for Spring


Spring is the time for cleansing, for renewal, for new beginnings. we recommend the following teas to make you refreshed, renewed, and cleansed:

1. Peach Detox Tea. This tea is a gentle cleanser for the kidneys and liver. When you brew it, it looks like a cup of sunshine: it is so bright and fresh!

2. Bessmertnik Tea. This tea, made from everlasting flowers, is very unique. Everlasting flowers only grow in clean air on high mountaintops. People drink this pleasant herbal drink to cleanse the gallbladder and to aid the liver, as well as to calm the mind.

3. Glowing Skin Tea. This flowery and fruity concoction tastes incredible. Having lightly sweet notes, accentuated by the tartness of hibiscus, the flavor is very memorable. Furthermore, this tea is designed to help the body release toxins, and therefore, to aid in having clearer skin.

4. Juicy Strawberry Green Tea. Spring is the season, when, in warmer climate, strawberries begin to appear. This green tea mixture has just the right amount of fruity notes, so that you can enjoy it with milk or without.

5. Am Amp Up Tea. This light tea is designed to renew and strengthen you, while giving you a much needed pick me up after the sleepy winter. It contains a few different kinds of green tea, as well as oolong tea. Additionally, it contains two strengthening roots, and the refreshingly pleasant lemongrass.

























































































































































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