Healthy Hot Chocolate

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We figured out a way to make cocoa not only taste good, but to be beneficial as well. Special organic herbs we infuse our hot chocolate with reportedly have multiple health benefits, which makes our cocoa not only super tasty, but also super good for you. We use only the best herbs and very high quality Peruvian cocoa powder. Our healthy hot chocolate is wonderful as a gift, as well.

Research suggests that adding more cocoa powder to your diet may help to improve your attention, working memory, and general cognition. Cocoa is rich in theobromine and flavonols, which may protect you against heart disease by lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow, and preventing cell damage. Additionally, cocoa is rich in phytonutrients, and polyphenols, which are antioxidants that help improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Cocoa contains iron, zinc, selenium, and magnesium. Studies have found that cocoa also helps regulate energy use and metabolism while increasing feelings of fullness.

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