Raw Dark Chocolate Truffles

We lovingly craft guilt-free raw chocolate truffles from clean, plant-based ingredients that are good both for your tastebuds and your body. These divinely tasty truffles are made from the cleanest and the purest ingredients for your ultimate indulgence.

Our amazingly tasty, rich, decadent dark chocolate truffles are lovingly created with great care in small batches. We carefully select powerful superfood ingredients and make sure to pack just the right balance of nutrients, healing properties, and flavor into these decadent delicacies, so that they are not only good for you, but super delicious, too.

Children love our raw chocolate truffles, too!

Our Healthy Raw Chocolate Truffles Are:

100% natural

100% organic

No sugars, preservatives, and artificial colors


Refined sugar-free

100% vegan

No soy

Nothing artificial


Our truffles  are made from 100% raw organic ingredients: cacao, coconut oil, dates, and cashews.


*These healthy truffles do not require refrigeration, but keeping them in a cool, dark place will extend the freshness up to 30 days.



If you have a chocolate lover in your life, there is no better and healthier gift for them than our Healthy Raw Chocolate Truffles! These healthy truffles are perfect for any occasion, such as: Christmas gift, holiday gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Mothers’ Day gift, housewarming gift, Easter gift, or just a special indulgence. The box contains 12 high quality raw organic chocolate truffles.


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